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powerschutz_mini: a soviet inspired iPod case
ICE Your Mobile (it could save your life)
KWIKTOP: Lock Your Bottle Tops
Dress-up with Steve Jobs
.xxx internet addresses coming soon
Griffin's RocketFM: An iTrip for your computer
Casio's G'zOne CDMA Mobile Phone
Monacca Bag: Japanese Cedar Notebook Case
Web Are You? : Network Emoticons
LED Mirror clock
iPod Coffee Table
The WEEE Man
Electromagnetic Crucifix: Guard Your Gadgets
New PodBrix: Say Hello To Mister Brix
I can hear the offices blaring Bob Marley already

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    powerschutz_mini: a soviet inspired iPod case
    Posted on 08.11.05 by AJ. LeVine @ 1:00 am

    The powerschutz_mini is a uniquely designed ipod case made from sythetic felt. It is manufactured by a small swiss design studio called “”. Among this iPod case, they also have the original powerschutz made for a powerbook, and a unique notebook stand called the powerlift.
    The powerschutz_mini retails for $20usd, or $22usd with the added earbud holder (shown in pic).

    Product website

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    ICE Your Mobile (it could save your life)
    Posted on 07.28.05 by AJ. LeVine @ 10:30 pm

    phone Having an ICE (In Case of Emergency) labelled contact in your mobile phone book has become all the rage since it was conceived by a paramedeic during the first London bombing. Mobile phone users are guided to put an emergency contact number in their mobile phonebook labelled “ICE”, this person should be up to date on your medical history, and should know any recent problems you have been experiencing.
    This is a great idea, and has the potential to save a lot of lives in emergency situations, I hope everyone reading this is in the midst of adding an “ICE” contact, if you’re not… do it now!

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    KWIKTOP: Lock Your Bottle Tops
    Posted on 07.12.05 by AJ. LeVine @ 7:38 pm

    Next time little Jimmy tries to break into the family Liquor cabinent he will have to overcome a new obstacle.
    KWIKTOP is a combination lock for drink bottles, preventing access to anybody who doesn’t know the code. They come in different colors, and 2 designs, one for plastic, the other for glass.

    Website Via gizmag

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    Dress-up with Steve Jobs
    Posted on 06.02.05 by AJ. LeVine @ 1:30 pm

    steve jobs
    Joy of Tech, an Apple centric webcomic came up with a hilarious interactive flash game. You get a huge wardrobe, and can dress-up Apple CEO Steve Jobs for his next keynote (He always wears the same turtleneck and jeans, now it’s time for something different) tons of hilairous clothing combinations!

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    .xxx internet addresses coming soon
    Posted on 06.02.05 by AJ. LeVine @ 1:06 pm

    Wednsday, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers revealed plans to create a virtual red-light district. This fall adult webmasters will be able to buy addresses ending in “xxx”, the price of these addresses will be $60 per year, nearly 10x the going rate for dot-coms.

    Read More

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    Griffin’s RocketFM: An iTrip for your computer
    Posted on 05.27.05 by AJ. LeVine @ 5:35 pm

    This slick little usb device is an FM transmitter, it will transmit any audio from your computer to an fm station, tranforming stereos into wireless computer speakers.
    It’s compatible with both mac and pc, and ships today.
    Product Page

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    Casio’s G’zOne CDMA Mobile Phone
    Posted on 05.26.05 by AJ. LeVine @ 6:49 pm

    This seems like the kind of mobile phone Lara Croft would carry around. Based on the G-Shock line of watches, this mobile phone is made for adventurous outdoorsy people, the phone is water resistant, and claims to help repel mosquitos…
    It also has a 1.3mp camera, 12MB of memory, and GPS.
    The phone will be released mid-June in Japan, and i’m guessing it will be one of those cool “Japan only” type things.

    Via Akihabara News

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    Comments: 12 Comments

    Monacca Bag: Japanese Cedar Notebook Case
    Posted on 05.15.05 by AJ. LeVine @ 11:26 pm

    Cedar Bag
    The Monacca bag, designed by Takumi Shimamura features a Japanese cedar outter shell, which is hand sewn to the the bag giving it a very Feng Shui look. It’s one of the few notebook bags out there that can fit a 17″ screen. A bit heavy on the pocket, the Monacca bag goes for $298usd and is available at arenot

    Filed under: General
    Comments: 56 Comments

    Web Are You? : Network Emoticons
    Posted on 05.07.05 by AJ. LeVine @ 1:21 pm


    This device allows somebody to remotely connect, and change the emoticons. It plugs into an ethernet connection at home, it can then be accessed from a remote computer (work, school, whatever) via a web browser. You log in, and can then change the emotion to let the person at home know how your day is going.

    Visit the designers website.

    Article Via we make money not art

    Filed under: General and Curious
    Comments: 7 Comments

    LED Mirror clock
    Posted on 05.07.05 by AJ. LeVine @ 1:04 pm

    led mirror
    This Swedish designer mirror features an LED display mounted underneath the glass. You can set it to tell the date, time, or a customized message in scrolling text and different fonts. It also comes with a remote control to change to easily change the display. The mirror retails for just oiver 700usd and is available here
    Via my best gadgets

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    iPod Coffee Table
    Posted on 05.01.05 by AJ. LeVine @ 10:33 pm


    Ashley Burrows, member of iPodlounge has created the “iTable” a project for his A-level technology course. The table is mostly made out of pine, with a glass screen, and blue LED lights. It took months to complete with details like a frosted apple logo, and carved earbuds being used as legs.

    Read more at iPodlounge

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    Comments: 29 Comments

    The WEEE Man
    Posted on 05.01.05 by AJ. LeVine @ 10:23 pm

    Weee Man
    Over the weekend “WEEE Man”(Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) was unveiled in front of City Hall in London, it will stand there for 28 days. The sculpture is made up of electronic waste that the average UK citizen will throw away in a lifetime. The three tonne statue stands 23ft high and includes five fridges, 35 mobiles, five toasters, five lawnmowers, and computer mice for teeth.
    Via The Guardian
    WEEE Man Homepage

    Filed under: Miscellaneous
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